Swimming and spinning aquatic spiders use slick survival methods

Diving bell spider

Enlarge / Of all of the aquatic spiders, the diving bell spider is the one one recognized to outlive nearly completely underwater, utilizing bubbles of air it brings down from the floor. (credit score: Oxford Scientific by way of Getty)

Shrubbery, toolsheds, basements—these are locations one would possibly anticipate finding spiders. However what in regards to the seashore? Or in a stream? Some spiders make their houses close to or, extra not often, in water: tucking into the bottom of kelp stalks, spinning watertight cocoons in ponds or lakes, hiding beneath pebbles on the seaside or creek financial institution.

“Spiders are surprisingly adaptable, which is without doubt one of the causes they will inhabit this atmosphere,” says Ximena Nelson, a behavioral biologist on the College of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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