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If the spectacular photographs from the NASA James Webb House Telescope have you ever hankering to be taught extra about what’s Out There—or at the least to see extra fairly photos of it—The Brief Story of the Universe arrives simply in time to sate your craving.

Like all the books within the Brief Story of… sequence, Gemma Lavender’s The Brief Story of the Universe (Amazon, Bookshop) is organized into 4 cross-referenced sections. First is Construction, which begins with the Universe and ends with subatomic particles. Subsequent is Historical past and Future. It begins “Earlier than the Starting” (the “starting” being the Huge Bang, T=0, 13.eight billion years in the past) and ends with “The Destiny of the Universe” at T > 10100 years.

The form of that future is determined by how darkish vitality behaves. If darkish vitality weakens over time, “it might trigger gravity to guide the Universe slowly to contract again on itself in a Huge Crunch.” Alternatively, if darkish vitality strengthens and even stays the identical over time, the Universe will simply carry on increasing ceaselessly till both all matter entropically decays into radiation or the material of space-time will get torn in a Huge Rip. We don’t know which path darkish vitality will take as a result of we don’t but know what darkish vitality is.

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