We’re one step nearer to studying an octopus’s thoughts

Image of an octopus moving across a coral reef.

Enlarge (credit score: A. Martin UW Pictures)

9 brains, blue blood, on the spot camouflage: It’s no shock that octopuses seize our curiosity and our imaginations. Science-fiction creators, particularly, have been impressed by these tentacled creatures.

An octopus’s outstanding intelligence makes it a novel topic for marine biologists and neuroscientists as effectively. Analysis has revealed the mind energy of the octopus permits it to unscrew a jar or navigate a maze. However, like many youngsters, the octopus additionally develops an impish tendency to push the boundaries of habits. A number of aquariums have discovered octopuses memorizing guard schedules to sneak into close by tanks to steal fish; in the meantime, marine biologists have found that wild octopuses will punch fish… for no obvious cause.

Based on Dr. Jennifer Maher, a professor on the College of Lethbridge in Canada, there are a “variety of [different] forms of studying [for octopuses]: cognitive duties like instrument use, reminiscence of advanced operations for future use, and observational studying.”

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