Watch 11 minutes of Closing Fantasy VII Rebirth gameplay options — and the ultimate trailer

Cosmo Canyon. Nibelheim. Dolphin racing. Vincent Valentine. A one-winged Sephiroth. Marlene’s dad Dyne. Mini-game after mini-game after mini-game to play. “The world might be saved, however will you?” asks the sport’s trailer, with virtually zero subtlety that the occasions of this sport will decide Aerith’s notorious destiny.

Closing Fantasy VII Rebirth is coming February 29th, and each Sony and Sq. Enix wish to make rattling positive that followers know this sport is a can’t-miss occasion — regardless that it’s not the conclusion to the remake of Closing Fantasy VII and could have one other sport following it.

However as an enormous fan of the unique PS1 title who initially held out on enjoying Remake for that cause, I’ve gotta say the 15-plus minutes of video that Sony and…

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