This modder proves every part’s higher with a GBA SP display screen connected

A picture of a Nintendo DS Lite that has had its top screen replaced by one from a Game Boy Advance SP
Is that this a Sport Boy Advance SP or Nintendo DS Lite? Who can say? | Picture: Retrohai hai Softbank

Have you ever ever checked out a Nintendo DS and thought it might be cooler if the highest display screen was swapped for the Sport Boy Advance SP’s? Or checked out a Tremendous Nintendo controller and wished it had a GBA SP display screen bolted onto the again? Whether or not you have got or not, {Hardware} modder Hairo Satoh, aka Retrohai hai Softbank, has you lined with some actually cursed reimaginings of Nintendo’s moveable consoles. (Recall their moveable emulated PlayStation constructed into the Takara Roulette Controller.)

Let’s go on a bit of journey by means of Satoh’s Instagram account. Earlier than we get into my favourite mutated Nintendo handhelds — frankententos, if you’ll — know that Satoh additionally does some very fairly customized jobs on the corporate’s varied moveable consoles. They usually’re m…

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