This Apple Pencil clone supplies 80 % of the expertise for 1 / 4 of the value

An Apple Pencil-like stylus next to an iPad Mini displaying artwork saying Knockoff: $30 Apple Pencil: $130
Look, you can also make artwork in your iPad with out having to pay for Apple’s Pencil.

For the previous few months, I’ve been dishonest on my Apple Pencil. As a substitute of utilizing Apple’s $129 stylus with my iPad Mini for notetaking, I’ve been utilizing another I bought off of Amazon for about $25. It seems to be almost equivalent, works almost as nicely, and even snaps onto and expenses out of your iPad. And whereas this $25 stylus doesn’t fairly match all the Apple Pencil’s options, it comes awfully near offering an identical expertise for a fraction of the value.

The stylus I’ve been utilizing is from a random model known as “StylusHome,” however there are a lot of related ones listed on Amazon for across the identical worth. It apes the styling of Apple’s second-generation Pencil precisely — if it weren’t for the emblem on the first-party one, I wouldn’t…

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