The straightforward, 9-minute, no-attack technique for beating Elden Ring

Elden Ring does not look that arduous on this sub-nine-minute speedrun…

Within the practically two months since Elden Ring was launched, the common participant has reportedly wanted dozens of hours to complete the “foremost story” portion of the sport. Provided that, the truth that the speedrunning group can now exhibit a whole start-to-finish Elden Ring run in underneath 9 minutes is likely to be a bit stunning.

Even for skilled Elden Ring gamers, watching Distortion2’s takedown of the sport in eight minutes, 56 seconds—a run by which he does not assault a single enemy—may be complicated. So allow us to assist you out with a fast primer on the brief historical past of Elden Ring speedrunning so far and the glitches and exploits which can be driving gamers by means of the Lands Between in ever-shorter quantities of time.

Incorrect warps and flying horses

Simply days after Elden Ring‘s late February launch, gamers marveled at conventional deathless runs that clocked in at slightly below 2.5 hours. Quickly, although, gamers had been dipping into outdated Darkish Souls speedrunning methods to bypass robust bosses or attain new map sections by way of cautious, barely survivable jumps. That led to the primary public, sub-hour Elden Ring speedrun by Twitch streamer LilAggy on March 9, simply 12 days after the sport’s launch.

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