The primary Tales of the TMNT trailer reveals an August ninth launch

The four turtles stand in fighting poses while a giant robot rises up from behind them.
Screenshot: YouTube

Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bought its first official trailer yesterday, revealing that the Mutant Mayhem spinoff will debut August ninth, with a 12-episode run on Paramount Plus. And from the seems to be of issues, it’s simply as beautiful because the 3D-animated film it sprang from.

The brand new trailer sees the 4 brothers break up up by a mysterious villain named Bishop and compelled to battle murderous robots with out the assistance of their siblings. Bishop herself seems within the stomach of an particularly massive robotic that very vaguely resembles a mouser with arms and feels a lot like a touch at Krang, the evil mind from Dimension X that terrorized the Turtles within the 1987 cartoon sequence.

Screenshot: YouTube

That apart, the Nickelodeon…

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