What Quantum Computing Will Imply for the Future Synthetic Intelligence

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Publish-quantum encryption contender is taken out by single-core PC and 1 hour

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No sugarcoating: Donut math yields option to make qubits last more

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The cryptopocalypse is nigh! NIST rolls out new encryption requirements to arrange

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Manipulating photons for microseconds tops 9,000 years on a supercomputer

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Quantum memristor: A memory-dependent computational unit

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Dealing with tomorrow’s quantum hackers in the present day

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Rigetti pronounces 80 qubit processor, experiments with “qutrits”

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A possible hangup for quantum computing: Cosmic rays

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D-Wave broadcasts new {hardware}, compiler, and plans for quantum computing

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Startup hopes the world is able to purchase quantum processors

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Quantum-computing startup Rigetti to supply modular processors

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Quantum Computing Will At all times be Hybrid, and that Requires Orchestration

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