No sugarcoating: Donut math yields option to make qubits last more

Image of an I-shaped piece of electronics on a dark background.

Enlarge / An ion entice, the quantum {hardware} that was used for this work. (credit score: Honeywell)

You may virtually hear the indrawn breath from newsrooms around the globe. Specialist science journalists have hidden themselves within the toilet to weep quietly. The reason for such despair? Somebody has launched a paper containing the phrase “topology”—one thing nobody is aware of learn how to clarify, which forces folks to resort to metaphors about donuts being pressured to turn into espresso cups, regardless of there being neither espresso nor donuts on provide.

And though topology is prime to the brand new outcomes, it is usually tangential to explaining them (for my part, anyway). So what are these outcomes?

One of many huge issues with quantum computer systems is that they accumulate errors, and the velocity at which that occurs limits the complexity of the issues they will clear up. This new paper reveals learn how to scale back errors, not by engineering however by understanding (and utilizing) the proper quantum states and their coupling to generate a system that’s naturally extra proof against sure forms of noise. So seize a espresso and a donut, and let’s dive into the noisy world of qubits.

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