Research narrows lengthy COVID’s 200+ signs to core listing of 12

A long COVID patient sits with her daughter in her wheelchair while receiving a saline infusion at her Maryland home on Friday, May 27, 2022.

Enlarge / An extended COVID affected person sits along with her daughter in her wheelchair whereas receiving a saline infusion at her Maryland house on Friday, Could 27, 2022. (credit score: Getty | The Washington Put up)

Tens of hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide are thought to have developed long-term signs and situations within the wake of a SARS-CoV-2 an infection. However this sometimes-debilitating phenomenon, typically known as lengthy COVID, stays a puzzle to researchers. What causes it? Who will get it? And, maybe, essentially the most maddening one: What’s it?

Lengthy COVID sufferers have reported a large spectrum of greater than 200 signs. Some are frequent, like lack of odor, whereas others are rarer, like tremors. Some sufferers have acquainted constellations of signs, others appear to have idiosyncratic assortments.

Researchers hypothesize that lengthy COVID could merely be an umbrella time period for a group of variable—and probably overlapping—post-COVID situations which will have completely different causes. These causes may embody autoimmunity, immune system dysregulation, organ damage, viral persistence, and intestinal microbiome imbalances (dysbiosis).

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