Research finds bigfoot sightings correlate with black bear populations

A black bear standing on its hind paws surrounded by greenery in a forest with a blurry background

Enlarge / Black bears will regularly stand on their hind legs, which can enhance their misidentification. (credit score: Wirestock)

The concept that North America is residence to a totally unknown primate species simply would not appear to go away. Years after everybody began strolling round with high-quality cameras of their telephones, there nonetheless have not been any clear pictures of a bigfoot. However that hasn’t stopped a gentle movement of purported sightings.

Now, somebody named Floe Foxon has adopted up on an earlier evaluation and checked for components that might affect the frequency of bigfoot sightings all through North America. The outcomes counsel that there is a robust correlation between sightings and the native black bear inhabitants—for each 1,000 bears, the frequency of bigfoot sightings goes up by about four %.

Massive (foot) knowledge

It is easy to see how black bears and bigfoot might be mistaken for one another. Regardless of their title, the bears are available in a variety of colours, from a golden brown by way of to a deep reddish one, in addition to their namesake black. They’re additionally giant animals and can regularly stand on their hind legs to get a greater view of their environment. In addition they frequent the forested areas which are supposedly bigfoot’s favored terrain. Foxon even quotes a reported bigfoot sighting as saying that photos have been obtained however, “One of many photos appears like a bear.”

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