New app all the time factors to the supermassive black gap on the heart of our galaxy

A photo of Galactic Compass running on an iPhone.

Enlarge / A photograph of Galactic Compass working on an iPhone. (credit score: Matt Webb / Getty Pictures)

On Thursday, designer Matt Webb unveiled a brand new iPhone app referred to as Galactic Compass, which all the time factors to the middle of the Milky Method galaxy—regardless of the place Earth is positioned on our journey by way of the celebrities. The app is free and accessible now on the App Retailer.

Whereas utilizing Galactic Compass, you set your iPhone on a stage floor, and a giant inexperienced arrow on the display factors the best way to the Galactic Heart, which is the rotational core of the spiral galaxy all of us stay in. In that heart is a supermassive black gap generally known as Sagittarius A*, a celestial physique from which regardless of or gentle can escape. (So, in a means, the app is telling us what we should always keep away from.)

However honestly, the placement of the galactic core at any given time is not precisely helpful, sensible data—not less than for individuals who aren’t James Tiberius Kirk in Star Trek V. However it could encourage a way of awe about our place within the cosmos.

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