Linux kernel crew rejects College of Minnesota researchers’ apology

A penguin stares menacingly at us.

Enlarge / Don’t anger the penguin, for it’s lengthy of reminiscence and gradual to forgive. (credit score: DJRPhoto36 / Flickr)

Final week, senior Linux kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman introduced that every one Linux patches coming from the College of Minnesota can be summarily rejected by default.

This coverage change got here because of three College of Minnesota researchers—Qiushi Wu, Kangjie Lu, and Aditya Pakki—embarking on a program to check the Linux kernel dev group’s resistance to what the group known as “Hypocrite Commits.”

Testing the Linux kernel group

The trio’s scheme concerned first discovering three easy-to-fix, low-priority bugs within the Linux kernel after which fixing them—however fixing them in such a means as to finish what the UMN researchers known as an “immature vulnerability”:

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