League of Legends followers irate at $500 bundle celebrating its best participant

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League of Legends (LoL) followers have been upset after they noticed the $500 price ticket Riot Video games positioned on a brand new content material bundle celebrating esports participant Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, League’s winningest participant all-time, after their induction into the sport’s new Corridor of Legends.

Faker bundle upsets LoL followers

“Faker is actually essentially the most iconic and influential determine in League of Legends and esports historical past,” mentioned John Needham, President of Esports at Riot Video games. “His identify is synonymous with excellence in LoL Esports, and he has rightfully earned his place as our very first Corridor of Legends inductee.”

The Esports icon has a devoted following, so this induction to commemorate him as one of many professional gamers of observe marks a major milestone for the LoL model.

“Faker is greater than the winningest participant in League historical past: he’s the face of his sport. His journey, filled with triumph and trials, resilience and glory, has touched the hearts of tens of millions of followers and fellow gamers,” mentioned the LoL put up.

The bundle to have a good time Faker shall be cut up into a number of shopping for choices—the Corridor of Legends Cross, Risen, Immortalized, and Signature.

Corridor of Legends:

  • Risen Legend LeBlanc Pores and skin
  • SKT T1 Zed, Ryze & Syndra Skins
  • 125 Mythic Essence
  • 14 Faker-ific Icons & Emotes
  • “Broccoli Baron” Title
  • Cover on bush Ward
  • Unkillable Demon King Banner
  • 6 Orbs


  • Corridor of Legends Cross
  • Risen Legend Ahri Pores and skin
  • Takedown Counter Taunt
  • Ahri (Champion)
  • Unique Border
  • Unique Icon & Emote


  • Immortalized Legend Ahri Pores and skin
  • Unique Construction Finisher VFX
  • Unique Champ Finisher VFX
  • Customized Visible Announcer
  • Distinctive Pores and skin Transformations:
  • three Demon King Types w/ distinctive VO
  • Demon’s Chosen Transformation
  • w/ Demon King HUD throughout Ult
  • Risen Legend Assortment
  • Holographic Immortalized Splash Artwork
  • Dynamic Profile Background
  • Immortalized Border
  • Unique Icon & Emote


  • Signature Ahri Pores and skin Upgrades:
  • Faker’s Signature Transfer (Ctrl+5)
  • Faker’s Construction Finisher
  • “Closing Boss Faker” Title
  • Signature Immortalized Border
  • Signature Banner
  • Signature Splash Artwork
  • (Ahri & LeBlanc)
  • Immortalized Legend Assortment
  • 100 Cross Ranges
  • Risen Legend LeBlanc Paragon Chroma
  • SKT T1 Zed, Ryze, & Syndra Paragon Chromas
  • Unique Icon & Emote

LoL followers vent their ire at costs

Not the entire LoL neighborhood has been celebrating although, as the sport’s Reddit feed can attest. Followers took to the social platform to vent their ire, with statements like “The Corridor of Legends occasion was by no means about celebrating Faker, it was about making a living.”

Reddit consumer SwiftRespite mentioned: “Riot placing the complete pores and skin behind a paywall is the largest insult possible to us. Riot selected to use our love for Faker for their very own acquire.

This was suppose to be one thing to recollect Faker by, when he has retired and proof that we have been right here and cheering for him when he was nonetheless taking part in and lifted these Trophies.”

On the highest tier (Signature), the bundle in query prices round $500  and has 100 ranges of the occasion development unlocked. There are different ranges of the celebration pores and skin. Nonetheless, the lowest-priced character pores and skin, the Risen, is $40, which may be very steep for the typical LoL fan.

This has led to some gamers boycotting the bundle, with customers like Arcuran stating, “I have already got Fakers Ahri pores and skin. It’s referred to as the bottom pores and skin, and in honour of Faker, that’s the pores and skin I shall be utilizing.”

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