‘I’m a Mac’ Apple actor returns to bash MacOS

Actor Justin Long, formerly a MacOS spokesman, sits in a sunny kitchen where he is bombarded by nonstop, nettlesome notices by the nannying Mac Operating System

Bear in mind the “I’m a Mac” man? The thumbs-in-jeans-pockets cool dude who identified how Macs and MacOS was simpler to make use of by on a regular basis folks than the stuffy and overcomplicated Home windows? Was that basically 20 years in the past?

Sure, it was, and as actor Justin Lengthy says now, “Issues change.” After 20 years, one would anticipate they’d. On the finish of Qualcomm’s Computex keynote presentation on June 3, Lengthy appeared in an ironic commercial the place he’s assailed by quite a few reminders, notifications, and different bothersome messages from Apple’s infamous, nanny-like working system. Mr. I’m-a-Mac as an alternative pushes away the entire nagging and keys in a seek for a Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered PC as an alternative.

“What? Issues change,” Lengthy says. Certainly they do.

Greater than 20 years in the past, Lengthy appeared reverse actor John Hodgman (“I’m a PC”) to advertise MacOS’s user-friendliness and ease of use. And certainly that was the case on the time, however lots does change after greater than twenty years.

Although the pop-ups Lengthy is blowing off communicate to MacOS’ capabilities dealing with disk house, battery energy, and different core features of a CPU, the very fact they’re all introduced as one more notification nag, which Mac customers have to show off, choose out, or spend a substantial amount of time managing no matter CPU efficiency, is fairly spot on. It positions Mac, MacOS, and Apple because the nanny, corridor monitor, and playground scold that nobody pays consideration to.

As The Verge factors out, Lengthy has been on one thing of a rehabilitation tour. In 2021 he reduce ads for Intel that joked about Apple MacBook options as the corporate moved away from Intel processors.

In any occasion, Qualcomm taking Apple’s everyman, to be bombarded like each Apple consumer with dozens of irrelevant and nettlesome notices, makes an awesome level concerning the bureaucratic characteristic creep of MacOS and the liberation that awaits in alternate platforms.

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