Google’s Lumiere brings AI video nearer to actual than unreal

Single frame from a video showing multiple AI-generated clips
Nonetheless body from a teaser reel of Lumiere clips | Picture: Google

Google’s new video technology AI mannequin Lumiere makes use of a brand new diffusion mannequin referred to as House-Time-U-Internet, or STUNet, that figures out the place issues are in a video (area) and the way they concurrently transfer and alter (time). Ars Technica reviews this methodology lets Lumiere create the video in a single course of as an alternative of placing smaller nonetheless frames collectively.

Lumiere begins with making a base body from the immediate. Then, it makes use of the STUNet framework to start approximating the place objects inside that body will transfer to create extra frames that stream into one another, creating the looks of seamless movement. Lumiere additionally generates 80 frames in comparison with 25 frames from Secure Video Diffusion.

Admittedly, I’m extra of a textual content reporter than a video particular person, however…

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