Google’s AI panic forces merger of rival divisions, DeepMind and Mind

Google DeepMind will presumably be getting a rainbow logo, but for now here's the old DeepMind logo.

Enlarge / Google DeepMind will presumably be getting a rainbow emblem, however for now here is the outdated DeepMind emblem. (credit score: Deepmind)

Google’s ‘Code Pink’ panic over the rise of ChatGPT and its failure to excite the world with its AI merchandise is leading to an enormous merger. Alphabet’s two huge AI groups, the unbiased Alphabet firm DeepMind and the “Google Mind” AI division, are merging to kind “Google DeepMind.” Google and DeepMind have each launched weblog posts. Google CEO Sundar Pichai says merging the 2 items will “assist us construct extra succesful techniques extra safely and responsibly.”

DeepMind was a UK AI analysis lab that Google acquired in 2014. Since then it has lived as an unbiased Alphabet firm, separate from Google, with CEO Demis Hassabis. DeepMind most famously captured the world’s consideration round 2017 when it constructed AlphaGo, a pc taught to play the traditional Chinese language sport of Go. This was beforehand considered an unattainable job for computer systems as a result of unbelievable quantity (10360) of strikes required to play the sport. Since then, the corporate has tackled protein folding, video video games like Starcraft II, the Wavenet voice synthesis system, and matrix multiplication.

The Google Mind division was run by Jeff Dean. This group has saved a a lot decrease profile by solely doing analysis and making incremental enhancements to present Google merchandise. The Mind crew invented and open-sourced the “Transformer” neural community structure that led to chatbots like ChatGPT. (The “GPT” in “ChatGPT” stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer”.)

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