Google Search’s “udm=14” trick helps you to kill AI seek for good

The now normal "AI" results versus the old school "Web" results.

Enlarge / The now regular “AI” outcomes versus the old-fashioned “Net” outcomes. (credit score: Ron Amadeo / Google)

In the event you’re bored with Google’s AI Overview extracting all worth from the net whereas additionally telling folks to eat glue or run with scissors, you may flip it off—kind of. Google has been telling folks its AI field on the high of search outcomes is the long run, and you’ll’t flip it off, however that ignores how Google search works: Numerous choices are powered by URL parameters. Which means you may flip off AI search with this one easy trick! (Sorry.)

Our methodology for killing AI search is defaulting to the brand new “internet” search filter, which Google not too long ago launched as a option to search the net with out Google’s alpha-quality AI junk. It is truly fairly good, displaying solely the normal 10 blue hyperlinks, providing you with a clear (effectively, aside from the advertisements), uncluttered outcomes web page that appears prefer it’s from 2011. Sadly, Google’s UI does not have a option to make “internet” search the default, and switching to it means digging by way of the “extra” choices drop-down after you do a search, so it is a couple of clicks deep.

Take a look at the URL after you do a search, and you will see a mile-long URL filled with esoteric monitoring info and mode info. We’ll put every search end result URL parameter on a brand new line so the URL is considerably readable:

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