Gears Technica: Favourite coffee-making setups from the Ars Technica workers

(credit score: Kevin Purdy)

In the event you’re like our workers, you will perceive {that a} good cup of brewed espresso is a requirement each morning. Whether or not it is a easy French-pressed brew or an espresso-based drink with complicated flavors and aromas, espresso has not solely supplied the gasoline to get the Ars Technica workers by our day by day duties, however it has additionally turn into a ritual that helps us begin the day anew and grounds us—pun meant—amid the chaos of the world.

We requested the Ars workers to indicate off their coffee-making setups and ideas beneath—they vary from low to excessive tech, from hand-cranked grinders to automated machines and all factors in between, however all these strategies have one factor in widespread: They make superior espresso.

John Timmer’s setup: Flavorful French press technique

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What I need from coffee-making gear is solely a perform of what I am searching for from espresso. And that’s as a lot taste as you’ll be able to probably extract from beans which can be roasted so darkish that they danger absorbing all gentle and changing into a black gap. I desire a skinny sheen of random natural molecules floating on high of an explosion of bitter, complicated flavors.

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