Followers protect and emulate Sega’s extraordinarily uncommon ‘80s “AI pc”

"Expanding the Possibilities.....with Artificial Intelligence"

Enlarge / “Increasing the Prospects…..with Synthetic Intelligence” (credit score: SMS Energy)

Even large Sega followers can be forgiven for not being too accustomed to the Sega AI Pc. In spite of everything, the normally obsessive documentation over at Sega Retro consists of solely the barest stub of an data web page for the quixotic, education-focused 1986 {hardware}.

Fortunately, the oldsters on the self-described “Sega 8-bit preservation and fanaticism” website SMS Energy have been in a position to go a bit deeper. The location’s not too long ago posted deep dive on the Sega AI Pc consists of an unimaginable quantity of well-documented data on this historic oddity, together with ROMs for dozens of beforehand unpreserved items of software program that may now be partially run on MAME.

An ’80s imaginative and prescient of AI’s future

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