Do higher coders swear extra, or does C simply do this to good programmers?

A person screaming at his computer.

Enlarge (credit score: dasilvafa)

Ever end up watching a difficult coding drawback and considering, “shit”?

If these ideas make their method into your code or the related feedback, you’re in good firm. When undergraduate scholar Jan Strehmel from Karlsruhe Institute of Expertise analyzed open supply code written within the programming language C, he discovered no scarcity of obscenity. Whereas that is likely to be anticipated, Strehmel’s general discovering may not be: The common high quality of code containing swears was considerably greater than the common high quality of code that didn’t.

“The outcomes are fairly shocking!” Strehmel mentioned. Programmers and scientists could have quite a lot of follow-up questions. Are the researchers positive there aren’t sure profanity-prone programmers skewing the outcomes? What about different programming languages? And, most significantly, why would swears correlate with high-quality code? The work is ongoing, however even with out all of the solutions, one factor’s for positive: Strehmel simply wrote one hell of a bachelor’s thesis.

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