Concern grows as chicken flu spreads additional in US cows: 32 herds in eight states

Greylag geese sit on a field and rest while a cow passes by in the background.

Enlarge / Greylag geese sit on a discipline and relaxation whereas a cow passes by within the background. (credit score: Getty | Daniel Bockwoldt)

Researchers around the globe are rising extra uneasy with the unfold of extremely pathogenic avian influenza (H5N1) in US dairy cows because the virus continues to make its method into new herds and states. A number of consultants say the US just isn’t sharing sufficient info from the federal investigation into the sudden and rising outbreak, together with genetic info from remoted viruses.

Up to now, the US Division of Agriculture has tallied 32 affected herds in eight states: Idaho, Kansas, Michigan, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, South Dakota, and Texas. In some circumstances, the motion of cattle between herds can clarify the unfold of the virus. However the USDA has not publicly clarified if all of the herds are linked in a single outbreak chain or if there may be proof that the virus has spilled over to cows a number of instances. Early infections in Texas had been linked to lifeless wild birds (pigeons, blackbirds, and grackles) discovered on dairy farms. However the USDA reportedly indicated to Stat Information that the infections don’t look like all linked to the Texas circumstances.

Unfold of the virus by way of cattle actions signifies that there’s cow-to-cow transmission occurring, the USDA mentioned. However it’s unclear how the virus is spreading between cows. Provided that even probably the most symptomatic cows present few respiratory signs, the USDA speculates that the most definitely method it’s spreading is by way of contaminated milking tools.

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