Can a expertise known as RAG hold AI fashions from making stuff up?

Can a technology called RAG keep AI models from making stuff up?

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We’ve been residing by means of the generative AI growth for almost a yr and a half now, following the late 2022 launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. However regardless of transformative results on firms’ share costs, generative AI instruments powered by massive language fashions (LLMs) nonetheless have main drawbacks which have saved them from being as helpful as many would really like them to be. Retrieval augmented era, or RAG, goals to repair a few of these drawbacks.

Maybe probably the most outstanding downside of LLMs is their tendency towards confabulation (additionally known as “hallucination”), which is a statistical gap-filling phenomenon AI language fashions produce when they’re tasked with reproducing data that wasn’t current within the coaching information. They generate plausible-sounding textual content that may veer towards accuracy when the coaching information is strong however in any other case could be utterly made up.

Counting on confabulating AI fashions will get folks and corporations in hassle, as we’ve lined up to now. In 2023, we noticed two situations of legal professionals citing authorized instances, confabulated by AI, that didn’t exist. We’ve lined claims towards OpenAI during which ChatGPT confabulated and accused harmless folks of doing horrible issues. In February, we wrote about Air Canada’s customer support chatbot inventing a refund coverage, and in March, a New York Metropolis chatbot was caught confabulating metropolis rules.

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