Bluesky is beginning to really feel like Twitter

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Photograph by Stefan Sauer / image alliance by way of Getty Photos

Bluesky could be the Twitter-like we’ve been ready for.

Sure, I do know it’s nonetheless invite-only. Sure, I do know there are solely hundreds of individuals on the platform proper now. Sure, I do know that it’s nonetheless lacking table-stakes options like video uploads and DMs.

Nonetheless, I’m beginning to really feel that Bluesky is the place it’s at.

It occurred over the previous few days. Bluesky — the decentralized Twitter various spun up by Twitter itself — has immediately crammed up with tech media and different folks I observe on Twitter. Again and again, I might test Twitter for one factor or one other and see any individual begging for a Bluesky invite, then just a bit whereas later, that individual can be in my Bluesky skyline (timeline) and skeeting (tweeting). Whereas meaning I…

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