Apex Legends devs verify esports hacking incident, reply with ‘layered’ updates

A screenshot taken from Apex Legends season 8.
Two professional gamers have been forcibly given cheats whereas livestreaming their finals matches. | Picture: Respawn

Apex Legends has postponed the North America finals for its International Sequence championship over issues that hackers have compromised the “aggressive integrity” of the sport. Two skilled gamers from main groups have been focused whereas livestreaming on Sunday by an assault that forcibly utilized advantage-granting cheats throughout aggressive gameplay.

The reason for these assaults hasn’t been formally verified, resulting in hypothesis that the hack could have been delivered by way of Apex Legend’s anti-cheat protections. An alternate posted by a cheat monitoring account on X claims that the attacker discovered an RCE, or distant code execution, exploit to run their code straight on the gamers’ computer systems.

Two posts from accounts that say they symbolize Epic…

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