Amazon’s Astro can’t fetch your beer

Astro didn’t put that beer there! | Picture: Amazon

Amazon launched a brand new robotic in the present day with the face of an Echo Present, the sensor-laden physique of Panera Bread supply bot, and a pair of cupholders for a trunk. The moment it was introduced, individuals clamored for a motive for its existence past “cellular digital camera with a cute face” and “doubtlessly invasive surveillance drone.” Most appeared to decide on “beer fetcher.”

However pal, a pair of cupholders doesn’t a robowaiter make.

Whereas the $1,000 Astro might very properly have all kinds of capabilities past house surveillance, it’s not gonna be fetching you something. For one, it reportedly sucks. “Astro is horrible and can nearly definitely throw itself down a flight of stairs if introduced the chance,” a supply who claimed to work on the…

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