Wikitrivia is an internet sport that challenges your data of historic dates

On this sport you place occasions from Wikipedia in a timeline.

When you’re a historical past buff, or are in search of a brand new net sport to play, Wikitrivia could also be value your time. The sport’s creator, Tom Watson, describes it on his website as “Wikidata as a trivia card sport,” and the tweet that introduced it to our consideration referred to as it an “on-line clone of the cardboard sport Timeline.”

Enjoying it’s easy: it provides you a card that represents one thing that has a date, which is pulled from Wikidata; some examples I noticed requested me to pin down when the Bastille was constructed, when the Foo Fighters have been fashioned, and when the October Revolution ended (sadly, it was in search of a 12 months, not a month). You then need to put the cardboard on the right place within the timeline. You’re allowed three errors, that are represented by hearts,…

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