The vice chairman shouldn’t be utilizing Bluetooth headphones

Vice President Kamala Harris Delivers Remarks At Maternal Health Day of Action Event

Yesterday, Politico opened its publication with an article on Vice President Kamala Harris’ aversion to utilizing Bluetooth headphones. The VP was “Bluetooth-phobic,” the story claimed, “cautious” of her AirPods and cautious along with her know-how use to an extent former aides described as “a bit paranoid.” Proof might be seen in her televised appearances: wires dangling from her ears in an interview with MSNBC’s Pleasure Reid or clutched in her hand through the well-known “We did it, Joe” name.

However for a high-profile public official, this can be a lot extra affordable than you may assume. As safety researchers had been fast to level out, Bluetooth has various well-documented vulnerabilities that might be exploited if a nasty actor needed to hack, say, the…

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