The ultimate launch to Mars for the following two years appeared fairly epic

On Thursday morning, an Atlas V rocket launched NASA’s newest rover, Perseverance, to Mars.

This marked the third of three launches to the pink planet in 2020—following the UAE’s Hope and China’s Tianwen-1 missions—and it got here close to the closing of this yr’s month-long “window” to the pink planet. Throughout such a window, which comes round about each 26 months, spacecraft can comply with an elliptical orbit such that they may arrive on the location in area the place Mars will probably be seven months from now—making the shortest attainable journey to the pink planet.

Even the smallest missions to Mars want a strong rocket to launch, and that is very true for a rover that would be the largest object NASA has ever tried to land on the pink planet’s floor. Perseverance weighs a little bit greater than a metric ton.

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