The most effective factor about my Mac Studio is its mustache

To not be all Marie Kondo about it, however my Mac Studio sparks pleasure in me every single day, and it’s not as a result of it’s the quickest pc I’ve ever owned. It’s additionally not strictly concerning the front-facing ports Apple gave it, neither is it the village of ports that stay within the again.

It’s the mustache.

See, I discovered this mustache sticker at the back of a drawer in my home. I don’t know the place it got here from, solely that it was there, and the second I discovered it, I knew instantly the place to place it: smack-dab in the course of my Mac Studio. I’d been pondering for awhile that the Studio has this goofy face on the entrance, and slapping a curly ‘stache on it simply drove that house. It delights me, and not too long ago, I’ve been excited about why this goofy twee addition to my…

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