The IBM mainframe: The way it runs and why it survives

A Z16 Mainframe.

Enlarge / A Z16 Mainframe.

Mainframe computer systems are sometimes seen as historic machines—virtually dinosaurs. However mainframes, that are purpose-built to course of huge quantities of knowledge, are nonetheless extraordinarily related at the moment. In the event that they’re dinosaurs, they’re T-Rexes, and desktops and server computer systems are puny mammals to be trodden underfoot.

It’s estimated that there are 10,000 mainframes in use at the moment. They’re used virtually solely by the biggest corporations on the earth, together with two-thirds of Fortune 500 corporations, 45 of the world’s prime 50 banks, eight of the highest 10 insurers, seven of the highest 10 world retailers, and eight of the highest 10 telecommunications corporations. And most of these mainframes come from IBM.

On this explainer, we’ll take a look at the IBM mainframe laptop—what it’s, the way it works, and why it’s nonetheless going sturdy after over 50 years.

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