The Halo present is nothing just like the video games, and that’s why it’s good

Adrienn Szabo/Paramount+

After seeing the primary episode of Halo, I’m completely on board. I’m a Halo lore hobbyist, which means that whereas I’ve enthusiastically skilled the campaigns of Halo’s Fight Developed via Guardians, go on common Halopedia wiki dives, and personal a well-loved copy of Eric Nylund’s The Fall Of Attain, I haven’t consumed every thing the Halo universe has to supply. (Ghosts of Onyx, I swear I’ll get to you in the future.) However primarily based on the Halo tales I do know, I believe Paramount Plus’ collection affords a much more compelling have a look at the Grasp Chief than something the video games have finished up to now.

Spoilers for the primary episode of Halo under:

It’s exhausting translating video video games to movie and TV. It’s solely lately been finished proper with Arcane, Castlevania, and the S…

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