The FDA will apparently let Elon Musk put a pc in a human’s mind

A monkey sucks on a banana smoothie straw placed such that its head bumps up against an embedded wireless charger in a tree branch.
Screenshot by Sean Hollister / The Verge

Elon Musk’s brain-computer interface firm Neuralink says it has acquired Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to launch its first in-human medical research. If that is true, it signifies that precise people might be getting a tool from Neuralink implanted of their heads.

The information follows Elon Musk’s November declare that Neuralink was about six months away from its first human trial — which suggests it’s the uncommon Musk promise that’s truly coming true on time. The announcement of a future human trial isn’t practically as a lot of a milestone because the outcomes of that trial. However this isn’t simply any trial. This represents Elon Musk, of all folks, getting to connect a tool to a human mind.

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