The brand new Remaining Minimize Professional hooked me on iPad video enhancing

For the previous two weeks, I’ve been enhancing within the latest model of Remaining Minimize Professional for the iPad. For a lot of professionals, the unique launch of this app final yr missed the mark. Its instruments have simply been too restricted to make use of each day. The brand new model doesn’t essentially change that — however regardless of my many frustrations, I’m lastly discovering the enjoyment of utilizing it.

The brand new model of the app, confusingly named “Remaining Minimize Professional for iPad 2” (it’s for all present iPads, not the iPad 2), got here out this week. And maybe the largest new function on this yr’s launch isn’t completely a Remaining Minimize Professional function: it’s a brand-new app that integrates with it.

The brand new Remaining Minimize Digital camera is a standalone app on your iPhone that provides superior digicam…

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