Tapeworms present in man’s mind years after he ate feces-tainted meals

Psychedelic image of microscopic parasite.

Enlarge / Head of pork tapeworm. (credit score: Getty | Michael J Klein)

On an evening that appeared like another, a wonderfully wholesome 38-year-old man in Massachusetts fell from his mattress amid a violent seizure at four am. The commotion woke his spouse, who discovered her husband on the ground, shaking and “talking gibberish.” He was rushed to Massachusetts Basic Hospital.

There, medical doctors witnessed the person have a two-minute-long tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizure, during which he misplaced consciousness and his muscle tissues aggressively contracted. Medical doctors started the painstaking technique of making an attempt to piece collectively what was flawed by performing a battery of checks and interviewing his household.

By practically each account, the person was in excellent well being. He had no historical past of seizures or of any cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, or neurologic issues. His toxicology screens have been clear. He took no medicines, prescribed or over-the-counter. He did not smoke and barely drank. There was no proof that something had occurred to him lately that may provoke a seizure; the person had spent the day past along with his youngsters, then he had dinner along with his brother, who reported nothing out of the extraordinary. The one preliminary trace of the analysis to come back was that the person had immigrated to Boston from a rural space of Guatemala about 20 years earlier.

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