New JWST picture reveals full glory of Neptune, its moons, and rings

Enlarge / Webb captured seven of Neptune’s 14 identified moons: Galatea, Naiad, Thalassa, Despina, Proteus, Larissa, and Triton. Neptune’s massive and strange moon, Triton, dominates this Webb portrait of Neptune… Read more

Placing collectively the Webb telescope’s mid-infrared eyes

Enlarge / The mud on this galaxy, shaded crimson, required the MIRI instrument to resolve. (credit score: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI) There’s multiple motive why the Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI) on… Read more

One week later, astronomers discover a galaxy even deeper again in time

Enlarge / The James Webb House Telescope continues to ship on its guarantees on discovering early galaxies. (credit score: NASA) Knowledge from the Webb House Telescope has solely gotten into… Read more

NASA names first 5 targets for Webb pictures

Enlarge (credit score: Hubble Heritage Workforce) On Friday, NASA continued to construct the hype for subsequent week’s picture launch from the Webb House Telescope by saying the 5 objects within… Read more

Webb’s mirror alignment is finished—now it’s on to the devices

Enlarge / A really detailed view of one of many Milky Method’s satellite tv for pc galaxies. (credit score: NASA/STScI) In mid-March, NASA launched a picture from the Webb Area… Read more

Webb Telescope reaches main milestone: All its mild is in a single place

Enlarge (credit score: NASA/STSci) Right now, NASA shared a picture indicating that it had efficiently accomplished the picture alignment stage of commissioning the James Webb Area Telescope. The Webb’s main… Read more