Mysterious historic big eggs Down Underneath laid by Aussie “demon geese of doom”

Enlarge / Element from an illustration of Genyornis (aka the “Demon Duck of Doom”) not wanting so robust as it’s chased from its nest by a Megalania lizard in prehistoric… Read more

Darkish Archives: Come for the floating goat balls, keep for the fascinating science

Enlarge / These would possibly appear to be your normal leather-bound texts, however they’re truly sure in human pores and skin—a observe often called “anthropodermic bibliopegy.” All 5 are housed… Read more

Scientists ID potential biomarkers to peg time of demise for submerged corpses

Enlarge / Ophelia (1852) by John Everett Millais, impressed by the character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, who goes mad and drowns in a brook. It may be difficult for forensic scientists… Read more