Sauropods had delicate foot pads to assist help their huge weight

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These researchers watched useless fish rot for 70 days—for science

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Re-analysis of a fossil finds it’s from the earliest vertebrate department

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Physics meets paleontology: The hotly debated mechanics of pterosaur flight

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Intestine examine: Fossil finds give us a historical past of life—and what it ate

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Which is worse for the soil—combines or dinosaurs?

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Mysterious historic big eggs Down Underneath laid by Aussie “demon geese of doom”

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The (fossil) eyes have it: Proof that an historic owl hunted in daylight

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This fossilized fish’s cranium is stuffed with feces

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Digital 3D fashions of ammonite fossils present their muscle mass for first time

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New research debunks controversial 2015 fossil discover: It’s not a four-limbed snake in any case

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The human household tree retains getting extra difficult

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Is that this a fossilized lair of the dreaded bobbit worm?

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Yukon gold miner reveals a mummified Ice Age wolf pup

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