Fungus foils invading hordes of loopy ants, and that’s nice for Texas

Enlarge / Tawny loopy ants (Nylanderia fulva) feeding on a cricket. (credit score: Lawrence E. Gilbert) A number of years in the past, staffers at Estero Llano Grande State Park… Read more

Placing the worry of bass into mosquitofish—with a robotic

Enlarge / The Robo-bass, together with some precise fish. (credit score: Giovanni Polverino) The mosquitofish is a very troublesome invasive species that has unfold from its authentic dwelling in North… Read more

With nothing capable of eat them, cane toads are consuming one another

Enlarge / Does this appear like the face of somebody who began off as a cannibal? Why sure, it does. (credit score: REDA & CO / Getty Pictures) The cane… Read more