Benedictine monk wrote earliest identified reference to ball lightning in England

Enlarge (credit score: Aurich Lawson | Getty Photos | Trinity School) On October 21, 1638, folks had been congregating at a church at Widecombe-in-the-Moor, in Devon, England, when a extreme… Read more

That point Catherine the Nice championed smallpox vaccinations

Enlarge / Portrait of Catherine the Nice. Her 1787 letter to Depend Piotr Aleksandrovich Rumiantsev—now up for public sale—known as for a nationwide vaccination marketing campaign towards smallpox. (credit score:… Read more

Scientists recreated traditional origin-of-life experiment and made a brand new discovery

Enlarge / Stanley Miller with the unique laboratory gear used within the 1952 Miller-Urey Experiment, which gave credence to the concept natural molecules might have been created by the situations… Read more

That point physicist John Wheeler left categorized H-bomb paperwork on a prepare

Enlarge / In 1953, the eminent physicist and H-bomb advocate took an ill-fated in a single day prepare from Philadelphia to Washington, DC, that will not directly result in the… Read more

Darkish Archives: Come for the floating goat balls, keep for the fascinating science

Enlarge / These would possibly appear to be your normal leather-bound texts, however they’re truly sure in human pores and skin—a observe often called “anthropodermic bibliopegy.” All 5 are housed… Read more