Turing Distinguished Chief Sequence: Sandesh Patnam, Lead Companion at Premji Make investments

Hey, everybody! Thanks for the implausible response to the Turing Distinguished Chief Sequence. On this episode, we’ve got Sandesh Patnam. Sandesh is the Lead Companion anchoring each the personal and… Read more

Discs vs. knowledge: Are we serving to the atmosphere by streaming?

Enlarge (credit score: Getty Pictures) Earth Day was April 22nd, and its standard message—handle our planet—has been given added urgency by the challenges highlighted within the newest IPCC report. This… Read more

Researchers constructed a gecko-bot to review how geckos glide and crash land

Enlarge / A gecko perches on a leaf. A September research discovered that geckos are excellent gliders, and their tails assist stabilize them once they crash-land into tree trunks. (credit… Read more

Luxo, Jr. and Mystique encourage novel approaches to shapeshifting supplies

Enlarge / Harvard scientists constructed “Totimorphic” structural supplies that may undertake and keep any attainable form. Scientists at Case Western Reserve College and Tufts College are exploring shapeshifting liquid crystals.… Read more

Examine: Ants create steady tunnels in nests, very similar to people play Jenga

Enlarge / Two ants tunneling in inexperienced gel. A brand new Caltech examine discovered that ants seek for and take away free grains of soil when digging their tunnels, very… Read more

Reconstructing Roman industrial engineering

Enlarge / Given the current state of the watermills, reconstructing their operation wasn’t easy. (credit score: Wikimedia Commons) The Colosseum’s arches, the Pantheon’s dome, the Barbegal watermill’s… elbow flumes? Roman… Read more

Internalized gender-focused attitudes have an effect on well being, profession prospects

Enlarge / Girls in conventional Mosuo clothes. (credit score: Wikimedia Commons) In most societies, there are very simple to quantify variations between women and men. Girls are inclined to dwell… Read more