That is why the pistol shrimp is proof against its personal highly effective shock waves

Enlarge / A translucent “helmet” on the bigclaw snapping shrimp’s head shelters its mind from the shock waves generated by its claw-snapping. (credit score: Kingston et al., Present Biology) The… Read more

What the easy mathematical talents of animals can inform us about ourselves

Enlarge (credit score: Aurich Lawson) We frequently consider mathematical capacity as being uniquely human, however actually, scientists have discovered that many animal species—together with lions, chimpanzees, birds, bees, ants, and… Read more

For this reason boa constrictors can breathe whereas squeezing the life out of prey

Enlarge / Brown College biologists X-rayed boa constrictors to find out how they handle to breathe whereas squeezing prey to dying. (credit score: John Capano) Watching a boa constrictor seize… Read more

Biologists identify new species of branching worm after legendary King Ghidorah

Enlarge / (left) Biologists have named a newly found species of branching worm, Ramisyllis kingghidorahin, after Godzilla’s nemesis. (proper) Fragment of 1 specimen of the branching worm. (credit score: M.T.… Read more

Examine: Feminine dolphins have a working clitoris, so that they in all probability get pleasure from intercourse

Enlarge / Certain, they seem like they’re simply taking a pleasant swim, however these two dolphins are literally aroused. A current examine discovered that feminine bottlenose dolphins have massive erectile… Read more

Researchers constructed a gecko-bot to review how geckos glide and crash land

Enlarge / A gecko perches on a leaf. A September research discovered that geckos are excellent gliders, and their tails assist stabilize them once they crash-land into tree trunks. (credit… Read more

Tiny tardigrades stroll like bugs 500,000 instances their dimension

Enlarge / SEM Micrograph of a tardigrade, extra generally often known as a water bear or “moss piglet.” (credit score: Cultura RM Unique/Gregory S. Paulson/Getty Photographs) There’s not often time… Read more

You requested. Ars solutions. Right here’s how you can give an electrical eel an MRI

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Scientists tracked these spiders’ each motion as they wove their webs

Johns Hopkins College researchers found exactly how spiders construct webs through the use of night time imaginative and prescient and synthetic intelligence to trace and report each motion of all… Read more

Unlocking extra secrets and techniques of hagfish slime

Enlarge / A lately found species: the Galapagos Ghost Hagfish (Myxine phantasma). (credit score: Tim Winegard) Meet the common-or-garden hagfish, an unsightly, grey, eel-like creature affectionately referred to as a… Read more

Confirmed: A duck named Ripper realized the way to say “You bloody idiot!”

Enlarge / Male musk duck (Biziura lobata) captured in digital camera chillaxing within the wild in Sandford, Tasmania, Australia. Not the identical duck recorded 30 years in the past saying… Read more

Scientists constructed a tiny robotic to imitate the mantis shrimp’s knock-out punch

Enlarge / An interdisciplinary workforce of roboticists, engineers and biologists modeled the mechanics of the mantis shrimp’s punch and constructed a robotic that mimics the motion. (credit score: Second Bay… Read more

Puppies’ means to speak with individuals is current virtually from beginning

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Heads up! The cardiovascular secrets and techniques of giraffes

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Coronavirus creeps into US mink farms, “unusually bigger numbers” lifeless

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Scientists unlocked the key of how these ultrablack fish soak up mild

Enlarge / One specimen of the ultrablack fish species Anoplogaster cornuta. A singular association of pigment-packed granules allows some fish to soak up practically the entire mild that hits their… Read more