Simone Giertz constructed a selfie picture sales space for her canine out of Legos and it’s excellent

Good lady, Scraps. | Simone Giertz and Scraps

Simone Giertz, the self-described Queen of Shitty Robots, has created a selfie picture sales space out of Legos for her canine Scraps and sure it’s as cute because it sounds. It helps that the canine is a VERY GOOD GIRL and very photogenic.

Giertz used a Lego Mindstorms package and Lego bricks (the video is sponsored by Lego) to construct the little sales space, and rigged a pedal, distance sensor and circuit board to hook up with a dispenser that drops a deal with and snaps a photograph at any time when the canine presses the pedal.

“She goes in there, there’s a little bit pedal that she will be able to push along with her paw, it triggers a digicam that triggers a deal with dispenser,” Giertz explains. “She will get a deal with, I get a photograph, everybody’s glad.”

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