Shang-Chi movie overview: Marvel’s newest grabs the brass ring—all ten of them

This movie overview initially ran on August 23, 2021, to coincide with its press embargo being lifted. We’re bringing it again in mild of its huge launch on Friday, September 3—and in contrast to different current Disney/Marvel movies, this movie has launched as a theatrical unique.

If you wish to know what course Marvel’s post-Avengers superhero movies are going, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is a fairly clear indicator—and it is an optimistic one at that.

I had a blast watching Shang-Chi, which arrives solely in theaters on Friday, September 3, and I spent more often than not after my screening wishing for extra. It might have been longer. Perhaps there is a director’s lower. Or, perhaps that is the darned good launch of a completely new movie franchise, and this movie is merely meant to arrange the much more totally rounded sequel(s). Regardless of the case, that is a decidedly higher option to go away theaters than being bored, aggravated, or in any other case shaken out of a great moviegoing expertise by unhealthy writing, performing, and directing choices.

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