Report: BioWare wrests Dragon Age Four away from EA’s online-multiplayer mandate

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Enlarge / Some good Dragon Age information, at the very least from our perspective. (credit score: EA / Sam Machkovech)

Because it seems, EA’s latest massacre over on-line BioWare multiplayer video games was bigger than we thought. And in right this moment’s case, a behind-the-scenes report appears to supply good information on that entrance.

After yesterday’s official affirmation from EA that “Anthem Subsequent” was no extra, Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier has arrived with information about one other dramatic change to a BioWare recreation: the unnamed Dragon Age sequel (which we’ll name Dragon Age 4 for comfort’s sake) will likely be a single-player recreation.

Uh, what?

The best way Schreier tells it, EA as a writer is now “permitting” the Dragon Age 4 staff to “take away all deliberate multiplayer elements from the sport”—and that use of “permitting” implies that this was a butting-of-heads between who needed on-line elements on this famously single-player RPG sequence (EA) and who did not (BioWare).

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