Quickly, the web will make its personal cat images after which it gained’t want us

These cats don’t exist.

This cat doesn’t exist:

AI-made cat.

This one doesn’t both:

Faux cat.

These are computer-generated photographs from This Cat Does Not Exist, and people: I believe we’re in hassle.

I perceive that is going to sound crackpot, however hear me out. What if our computer systems are already smarter than us, and the one motive they’re pretending they aren’t is so we’ll proceed feeding them their favourite factor, images of our cats? I perceive that in isolation this sounds ridiculous, however I don’t suppose it’s any sillier than the Singularity.

Below this idea, Skynet has already occurred, however Skynet is benign as a result of one of many first issues we taught it was that cats had been cute. And Skynet doesn’t have cats. We…

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