Prime 6 Machine Studying Libraries for JavaScript in 2019

Often, folks apply machine studying (ML) strategies and algorithms utilizing one in all two programming languages: Python or R. Books, programs, and tutorials about machine studying most frequently use one in all these languages as nicely (or each).

Python is a general-purpose programming language used not just for machine studying but in addition for scientific computing, back-end internet improvement, desktop purposes, and so on. R is created primarily for statisticians. Nevertheless, they’ve at the very least two widespread traits:

  • They’re appropriate for non-programmers
  • They’ve complete ML libraries

In lots of circumstances, ML algorithms are carried out in Fortran, C, C++, or Cython and referred to as from Python or R.

Java can be used for Machine Studying, however normally by skilled programmers.

Throughout the previous couple of years, JavaScript gained reputation, and a few very fascinating machine studying libraries appeared, enabling the implementation of ML strategies in browsers or on Node.js. Surprisingly, many of those libraries implement plenty of code in JavaScript.

This text presents a number of ML open-source libraries for JavaScript:

  • ml.js
  • TensorFlow.js
  • mind.js
  • ConvNetJS
  • WebDNN
  • pure


ml.js is a complete, general-purpose JavaScript ML library for browsers and Node.js. It affords the routines for:

  • Bit operations on arrays, hash tables, sorting, random quantity technology, and so on.
  • Linear algebra, array manipulation, optimization (the Levenberg-Marquardt methodology), statistics
  • Cross-validation
  • Supervised studying
  • Unsupervised studying

Supported supervised studying strategies are:

  • Linear, polynomial, exponential, and energy regression
  • Ok-nearest neighbors
  • Naive Bayes
  • Assist vector machines
  • Choice timber and random forest
  • Feedforward neural networks, and so on.

Moreover, ml.js affords a number of unsupervised studying strategies:

  • Principal part evaluation
  • Cluster evaluation (k-means and hierarchical clustering)
  • Self-organizing maps (Kohonen networks)

License: MIT.


TensorFlow is likely one of the hottest Machine Studying libraries. It focuses on varied varieties and buildings of synthetic neural networks, together with deep networks in addition to the parts of the networks.

TensorFlow is created by Google Mind Staff and written in C++ and Python. Nevertheless, it may be used with a number of languages together with JavaScript.

TensorFlow is a really complete library that also permits constructing and coaching fashions simply. It helps an enormous number of community layers, activation features, optimizers, and different parts. It has good efficiency and affords GPU help.

TensorFlow.js is a JavaScript ML library to be used in browsers or on Node.js. It helps WebGL.

License: Apache 2.0.


mind.js is a library written in JavaScript — targeted on coaching and making use of feedforward and recurrent neural networks. It additionally affords extra utilities, similar to math routines needed for neural networks.

It offers superior choices like:

  • Utilizing GPU to coach networks
  • Asynchronous coaching that may match a number of networks in parallel
  • Cross-validation that could be a extra refined validation methodology

mind.js saves and masses fashions to/from JSON recordsdata.

License: MIT.


ConvNetJS is one other library for neural networks and deep studying. It permits coaching neural networks in browsers. Along with classification and regression issues, it has the reinforcement studying module (utilizing Q-learning) that’s nonetheless experimental. ConvNetJS offers help for convolutional neural networks that excel in picture recognition.

In ConvNetJS, neural networks are lists of layers. It offers the next layers:

  • Enter (the primary) layer
  • Totally linked layer
  • Convolution layer
  • Pooling layer
  • Native distinction normalization layer
  • Classifiers loss (the output) layers: softmax and svm
  • Regression loss (the output) layer that makes use of L2

It helps a number of necessary activation features like:

  • ReLU
  • Sigmoid
  • Hyperbolic tangent
  • MaxOut

in addition to the optimizers similar to:

  • Stochastic gradient descent
  • Adadelta
  • AdagradS
  • ConvNetJS additionally offers a handy approach to save and cargo fashions to/from JSON recordsdata.

License: MIT.


WebDNN is a library targeted on deep neural networks, together with recurrent neural networks with LSTM structure. It’s written in TypeScript and Python and affords JavaScript and Python APIs.

It additionally offers the potential of GPU execution in browsers.

A really handy function of WebDNN is the chance to transform and use the fashions pre-trained with PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, Caffemodel, or Chainer.

License: MIT.


pure is a JavaScript library for pure language processing used with Node.js.

It helps:

  • Tokenization (breaking textual content into arrays of strings)
  • Calculation of strings distances
  • Matching related strings
  • Classification (naive Bayes, logistic regression, and most entropy)
  • Sentiment evaluation (at the moment in eight languages)
  • Phonetic matching, inflectors, n-grams, and so on.

License: MIT.


Each JavaScript and machine studying have gained a lot consideration and recognition over the past a number of years. Though initially created to allow dynamic habits of internet pages, JavaScript turns into one of many languages of option to implement and apply machine studying strategies, particularly in browsers or servers (Node.js).

This text offered the preliminary data on the provision of machine studying libraries for JavaScript.

Have plenty of enjoyable exploring them and thanks for studying!


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