Placing the newest Starship crash into perspective—it’s “stupidly troublesome”

As soon as once more, on Tuesday afternoon, a Starship prototype soared into the clear skies above South Texas like one thing out of the pages of a science fiction novel. As soon as once more, after reaching a excessive altitude, the spaceship leaned right into a “stomach flop” maneuver, making a managed descent again towards the planet.

After which, as soon as once more, an issue inside the previous few seconds triggered the Starship prototype to spectacularly crash close to its launch platform.

Seven weeks have handed because the first full-scale Starship prototype, SN8, carried out its high-altitude flight. Now, SN9 has met the same destiny. It appeared that one of many two Raptor rocket engines meant to energy the ultimate, managed descent didn’t relight (see a fantastic, slow-motion view). In consequence, when the car started reorienting itself right into a vertical place, it by no means stopped swinging. Then, BOOM!

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