OpenAI, Google will watermark AI-generated content material to hinder deepfakes, misinfo

OpenAI, Google will watermark AI-generated content to hinder deepfakes, misinfo

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Seven firms—together with OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, Meta, Amazon, Anthropic, and Inflection—have dedicated to creating tech to obviously watermark AI-generated content material. That can assist make it safer to share AI-generated textual content, video, audio, and pictures with out deceptive others in regards to the authenticity of that content material, the Biden administration hopes.

It is presently unclear how the watermark will work, however it should seemingly be embedded within the content material in order that customers can hint its origins to the AI instruments used to generate it.

Deepfakes have turn out to be an rising concern for Web customers and policymakers alike as tech firms grapple with cope with controversial makes use of of AI instruments.

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